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UK Homelifts – One-Stop Destination for Home Lifts

Our site is intended to assist you whether you are ready to have a home lift installed in your house or are just curious about what is out there and how it works.

These lifts are designed to provide easy access between floors, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to move around their homes.

Whether you’re looking for a simple floor home lift or a lift that spans multiple levels, check out the range of home lifts available.

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Traction Home Lifts

Traction house elevators are safe and practical for those with mobility impairments who need to travel between levels in their homes.

Electric motors elevate and lower the lift vehicle through wires.

Traction home lifts are safe, reliable, customisable, and energy-efficient.

Traction home lifts come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Traction lifts are safer and faster than hydraulic lifts.

A traction home lift may make travelling between floors easy.

Traction house lifts are often questioned about their advantages, space requirements, safety, cost, and installation.



Vacuum Home Lifts

Pneumatic vacuum elevators, or vacuum house lifts, elevate the cabin using air pressure.

These lifts don’t need a machine room or complicated mechanical elements, making them ideal for small households.

Vacuum home lifts need little building or remodelling.

They save energy and are eco-friendly for households.

Vacuum home lifts are safe, dependable, and low maintenance.

Consider room, load capacity, and elegance when selecting a vacuum house lift.

Vacuum house lifts are space-saving, simple to install, energy-efficient, and reliable.



Electric Home Lifts

Contemporary multi-story residences include electric home lifts or domestic elevators.

They help disabled people move between floors.

Automated doors, emergency stop buttons, and intercoms safeguard house lift users.

Installing a home elevator boosts property value.

Through-floor, platform, and stairlift electric house elevators offer benefits.

Choose an electric home lift based on space, load capacity, safety, and cost.

Electric home elevators can transport three people or standard-sized wheelchair users from the basement.

Automated doors, emergency stop buttons, and intercoms make electric home elevators safe.

About UK Homelifts

We’re Passionate About Home Lifts And Giving People Information On Home Lifts

Discover what home lifts are all about and how they can help people with mobility needs unlock the freedom of their home agin.

UK HomeLifts

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unbias and independent information on UK home lifts. Learn about this very useful mobility aid and get the answers to your questions.

UK HomeLifts

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make buying UK home lifts quick, easy, and transparent. Find the answers to your questions in one place and clearly understand what type you should pick and how much a home lift will cost.  

What we Offer

UK HomeLifts

Expert advice on choosing the right lift for your home

UK HomeLifts

A comprehensive guide to home lift prices and financing options

what we offer
UK HomeLifts

In-depth information on all types of home lifts

UK HomeLifts

Information on home lift installation and maintenance

Benefits of Installing a Homelift

With a team of experienced professionals, the installation process is smooth and straightforward, causing minimal disruption to your daily life.

UK HomeLifts

Improved accessibility and safety for you and your loved ones

House lifts help homeowners, and their families stay safe and accessible. Mobility-impaired folks may utilize a home elevator to avoid stairs. Home lifts reduce staircase accidents, reassuring families with young children or elderly relatives.

Modern home lifts are customizable. They may be customized for new and existing homes. Your home lifts with emergency brakes and backup power will be safe and reliable.

A reliable business can assist with house lift selection and installation. House lifts provide accessibility, safety, and value.

UK HomeLifts

Enhanced convenience and style

Home lifts offer enhanced convenience and style to homeowners, making it easy to move between floors and adding a touch of luxury to any home. With various design options, home lifts can be customized to fit seamlessly into your home decor. They are a practical and elegant solution for those who value convenience and want to add value to their property.

Choosing the Best Home Lift

With many home lifts on the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be daunting. The best home lift for you will depend on your specific requirements, such as accessibility, space, and cost. By working with an experienced team, you can find the right home lift to suit your home and enhance your life. Passenger lifts are a great option for people short on home space.

Top Homelift Companies

Stiltz Home Lifts

Stiltz House Lifts are affordable, space-saving house elevators. It’s small enough to install in a few days without any household inconvenience. 

Lifton Home Lifts

Lifton Home Lifts sells platform, stair, and residential elevators. Lifton House Lifts enables homeowners to choose colour, material, and security.

Aritco Home Lifts

Homeowners might benefit from installing an Aritco Home Lift. It makes life at home simpler and more comfortable, particularly for persons of different ages and physical abilities.

More Information

Discover more information on home lifts and what you need to know. Everything from prices to the types of home lifts.

UK HomeLifts

Homelift Prices

This comprehensive guide provides information on home lift prices in the UK, including the different types of lifts available, factors affecting the cost, and options that can affect the price, with basic hydraulic home lifts starting from around £5,000 and more advanced domestic lifts costing upwards of £15,000.

UK HomeLifts

Homelift Types

Discover the different types of home lifts available in the UK, including stairlifts, platform lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, hydraulic lifts, residential elevators, and vacuum lifts, with information on their benefits, costs, and installation requirements.