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home lift type

Electric Home Lifts

Modern houses with many stories progressively install domestic elevators, also known as home lifts, powered by electricity.

People with mobility issues have more options thanks to home lifts, which provide a safe and effective stairlift alternative.

They are sometimes referred to as passenger lifts, floor home lifts, home elevators and many more different names for them.

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Choosing the Right Electric Home Lift for Your Property

When choosing an electric home lift, it’s important to consider your property’s specific needs and requirements. Some factors to consider include the following:

  • Space requirements: Consider the amount of space available for the lift, including the size and additional space needed for operation.
  • Load capacity: Ensure that the lift has enough capacity to accommodate the weight of the users and any items being transported.
  • Safety features: Check that the lift has the necessary components to ensure the safety of the users.
  • Cost: Consider the lift’s installation and maintenance costs to determine if it’s within your budget.

Are Domestic Lifts Worth It?

A domestic lift can be a great investment as they can fit standard-sized wheelchair users into it or sometimes up to three people and carry them up from the ground floor and back down.

They have low power consumption and an integrated drive system that can fit into a small footprint. Their compact nature makes them fit in small areas and come with a simple control panel.

The Benefits of Electric Home Lifts

There are many benefits of installing an electric home lift on your property. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increased accessibility: Electric home lifts provide easy access to all levels of your property, making it convenient for people with mobility issues to move between floors.
  • Improved safety: Home lifts are equipped with safety features such as automatic doors, emergency stop buttons, and intercom systems to ensure the safety of users.
  • Enhanced property value: Installing a home lift can add significant value to your property, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners.
  • Increased convenience: With a home lift, you can easily move heavy items, such as furniture and groceries, between floors without carrying them up and down the stairs.
  • Compact footprint: With little building work required and placed in dead space, you can future-proof your home and downstairs room to match your home décor.

Types of Electric Home Lifts

Several types of electric home lifts are available on the market, each with unique features and benefits. Some of the most popular types of home lifts include:

  • Through-floor lifts: Through-floor lifts are installed through a hole in the floor and can be used to access multiple levels of a property.
  • Platform lifts: Platform lifts, also known as porch lifts, are designed to be used by people in wheelchairs or with mobility devices.
  • Stairlifts: Stairlifts are a cost-effective solution for accessing different levels of a property and can be installed on straight or curved staircases.


Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Home Lift

People in the UK who are considering installing a home lift often have several questions. Below are our answers to some of the most often-asked questions (and their explanations) concerning home lifts in the United Kingdom.

What Is An Electric Home Lift?

Residential elevators, also known as electric home lifts, home lifts, or domestic lifts, are constructed to meet the unique requirements of private homes.

They make reaching all building floors simple and easy for those with mobility issues.

How Does An Electric Home Lift Work?

An electric motor lifts and lowers a cabin or platform to provide access between residence floors.

To enhance the security of its passengers, these lifts include automatic doors and emergency stop buttons, which you may use either from inside the elevator or from a remote location.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Electric Home Lift?

Higher accessibility, increased safety, more property value, and increased convenience are just a few advantages of installing an electric home lift.

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Home Lifts Available?

Through-floor lifts, platform lifts, and stairlifts are some of the most common forms of electric home lifts.

How Do I Choose The Right Electric Home Lift For My Property?

When selecting an electric home lift, you should consider your house’s unique requirements. The needed storage area, maximum weight, security measures, and budget are all things to consider.

How Much Does An Electric Home Lift Cost?

Costs for electric home lifts range widely based on factors such as model, size, and available extras.

On average, a home lift may cost anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Electric Home Lift?

An electric home lift’s installation time may range from a few hours to a few days, depending on factors including the lift’s complexity and the homeowner’s availability.

A home lift installation might take a few days to a few weeks.

Are Electric Home Lifts Safe?

A few safety features in today’s electric home lifts are automatic doors, emergency stop buttons, and intercom systems.

To guarantee proper installation and safe operation, however, you need to have an expert handle the lift’s setup.

Do You Need A Domestic Lift In Your Home?

If you need help due to mobility needs, it could be extremely useful to allow you to stay home. You can travel up and down in the lift car.